Braschi Private Collection

Braschi Private Collection

Italian roots

Braschi Private Collection flagship boutique, the official distributor of the company, is located on the 3rd floor of the Vremena Goda Galleries. The collections presented in the salon are personally selected by Maurizio Braschi, the creative director of the brand. Many fashion items are offered on exclusive terms - they are sewn by special order and limited edition.

The history of the brand began in the 70s with the production of leather goods and opening of the first store. Then Keith and Lorenzo Braschi decided to focus on the originality of the models in order to stand out from the competitors. After 20 years, the assortment was replenished with fur clothing. In 2000, the son of the couple took over the management. It was he who brought the company to the world level, establishing contacts with Russia. Maurizio is fluent in Russian and admires the beauty of Russian females.

Why brand fur coats are chosen from America to Russia?

Today the boutique has two main lines. The Braschi collection brings together the most up-to-date models, and each customer is sure to find something optimal for themselves. Maurizio Braschi are original fashion items of a premium price segment. For tailoring, the fur of the Scandinavian fox, chinchilla, astrakhan fur, North American fox, Barguzin sable and mink is used.

The company's suppliers purchase materials at a few of the world's leading fur auction houses including the Finnish Saga Furs and the Danish Kopenhagen Furs. The brand’s manufacturing facilities are located only in Italy, with their main laboratory placed in San Marino. There, craftsmen create premium fur coat collections and carry out the quality control of all models.


Classics, femininity together with experimentation are the main game changers of Maurizio Braschi's team. Tailored lines and calm shades alternate with bold color combinations, asymmetrical styles, colorful decorative elements, oversized and fitted silhouettes. The range of colors is multifaceted: from noble brown, blue-black to neon purple or deep emerald.

The design features references to Russian culture and the work of the graphic artist Keith Haring. Various techniques are being applied: playing with textures, deliberately large versions of classic patterns, basques, lush ruffles and voluminous shoulders. Braschi's fur coats are distinguished by a recognizable style and serve to emphasise your uniqueness.

Address Braschi Private Collection: Moscow, Kutuzovskiy, 48 - «Vremena Goda» Galleries , 3 floor

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