History of the brand

The entire world associates BVLGARI with Rome, but the history of the brand did not begin with the Eternal City. Rome was that very place where the first store of the brand was opened in 1884, but the road to Via Sistina 85 of its founder Sotirios Bulgaris began with Epirus that is located in the south of Greece – this is where he was born in 1857. The jeweler's family was engaged in the processing of silver, but due to the constant wars with the Ottoman Empire, their store was destroyed and they had to move to the Corfu to start over. However, Sotirios was no longer content to sit back and in 1881 moved to Rome to tie his life to this city forever. There three years later, he opened his first store. And after ten years, on Via dei Condotti, 28, the boutique having been famous to this day was opened, it was its facade where the iconic letters BULGARI first appeared.

Distinguishing features

BVLGARI gained its popularity thanks to silver jewelry - they were particularly in demand among customers from England while their travelling around Europe. When the master passed away in 1932, his business passed to his sons - they decided to focus on making high-class jewelry, being based on precious Sotirios’s experience, but shifting the French school in favor of forming their own Italian style. This is how Serpenti yellow gold jewelry featuring smooth curves appeared. The next step was the unexpected combinations of precious gems and semi-precious stones. The bright color of the stones was enhanced by the cabochon cutting, recalling the Roman domes. It became the new BVLGARI hallmark. In the 70s, not only the geography of boutiques expanded, but the art themes as well: from the Far east to pop art. Further BVLGARI offered women universal jewelry to wear all day long and beneficially combine with each other.

Present day

BVLGARI craftsmen have never limited themselves in creativity, thanks to this approach jewelry and watches made of non-traditional materials such as steel, porcelain, silk and wood appeared. This took jewelry art to a new level and pushed admires to expand their understanding of this art. The representatives of different BVLGARI's generations of jewelers have cultivated a distinctive style that can be unmistakably recognized by its vibrant color combinations, artfully balanced volumes and distinctive motifs paying special tribute to the Roman heritage. The BVLGARI boutique, which can take us - even for a little while - to Italy, is located on the first floor of the Vremena Goda Galleries.

Address BVLGARI: Moscow, Kutuzovskiy, 48 - «Vremena Goda» Galleries , 2 floor