How it all began

Dsquared2 is an Italian brand founded by two brothers from Canada, Dean and Dan Caten. Since the very young age, the brothers have been engaged in fashion and sewing clothes. In 1985 after graduating from design school, Dean and Dan initiated their first fashion show in their homeland in Toronto. Both feedback and backfire made the starting point for their development, and for 6 years Dean and Dan worked at Ports International, developing not only the design, but also the concept of their future brand. Having moved to Italy, where they would occupy the positions of creative directors in little companies thus having made a lot of contacts at various fashion events. As a result, in 1994, the twins launched their own project and the first men's Homesick Canada clothing collection, which happened to be a hit. This success was also due to the support of Diesel, which picked out the potential of gifted designers.


9 years after the great success, the first women’s collection was released. It was Madonna who contributed to this success, she noticed a friend of hers wearing the brand's jeans and asked the designers to create costumes for her new music video. Dsquared clothing appealed to numerous celebrities, it was chosen by Naomi Campbell and Lenny Kravitz, Rihanna and Christina Aguilera were involved in brand’s advertising campaigns and fashion shows. Then footwear was included into the product range. In 2006, the company launched a sports line and created the official uniform for the Juventus and Barcelona football clubs. In 2007, almost simultaneously with the opening of the flagship store in Milan, the product range got replenished by the perfume - He Wood for men with a subtle woody scent. Later the women’s scent was released. After they underwent numerous changes and marine and spicy accords were added to the composition. Today there are more than 70 Dsquared2 boutiques around the world.

Concept and philosophy

The brand's DNA features love for experiments. Dsquared2's style cannot be described in one word, it is all about eclectic. The combination of casual, preppy, glamor and disco style does make the difference. Designers apply ironic attitudes to fashion, they dare trying new things as well as challenging fashionmongers, for example, by mixing completely different times and styles. The decor features dynamic prints, ethnic motives, sequins, rough and massive buckles. The boutique comes up with a variety of fashion items such as: a fringed jacket or an asymmetrical sweater-styled mini dress. The brand tends to improvise, but the Italian quality as well as attention to detail has always remained unchanged. The Dsquared iconic models are jeans, women's models tend to be skinny or highwater ones, men's jeans are frayed or worn-looking ones.

Address Dsquared2: Moscow, Kutuzovskiy, 48 - «Vremena Goda» Galleries , 2 floor

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