Gourji is a Russian brand of exclusive accessories and jewelry.

Gouji is a luxury brand from Russia that conveys the beauty, aesthetics and multiculturalism of Russia, creating collections of jewelry, clothing, leather accessories as well as other diverse accessories of supreme quality.

Our mission is to create luxury goods reflecting the beauty of Russia and its culture.

  • Gourji accessories are a great way of self-expression, reflecting the originality of thinking sense of humor as well as personal touch in terms of style. Gourji creates bright, individual fashion items to convey your unique style, attitude to the outer world and values.
  • In Gourji style there is great reworked cultural heritage to apply in modern life and create your own style and self-expression.
  • Style and values of the brand are corresponding with fashion trends. Fitting the fashions of the day is not the brand’s goal or value, but Gourji's stylish pieces can be modish and we welcome that.
  • The values of Gourji are timeless, therefore the Gourji style must remain relevant outside of time. At the same time, we strive to meet modern trends in the context of comfort, developed materials, technologies, distribution and communication.
  • Gourji accessories make a “meaningful” and thematic gift
  • Limited availability of all collections (111 copies - for gold items, 1964 - for silver items)

Montegrappa – is the first Italian writing Instrument Company founded in Bassano del Grappa (Veneto province) in 1912.

Key characteristic of all Montegrappa pens, without exception, is that in their manufacture the manual labor of jewelers has been used. Both limited and regular collections of Montegrappa pens are produced with the application of time-tested technologies and precious materials, as well as modern materials such as celluloid, unique resins, enamels and varnishes of the brand’s own design.

Montegrappa experts apply various technologies, the skillful combination of which allows to produce truly exclusive pens. Each stage of production is accompanied by the most stringent quality control, due to which the probability of encountering a defect in finished products is minimized.

Today the Montegrappa company is a recognized leader in the production of exclusive writing instruments.

Address Gourji/Montegrappa: Moscow, Kutuzovskiy prospect, 48 - «Vremena Goda» Galleries , -1 floor

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