Luisa Spagnoli

Luisa Spagnoli

How did it all begin?

In 1928, the talented Italian Luisa Spagnoli launched her own production of women's clothing. She had already had one successful project - a few years earlier, the entrepreneur founded a chocolate factory, famous for the production of kiss-shaped chocolates with hazelnuts. Spagnoli was the first to start using angora threads in her collections, which immediately made her production popular. To ensure the quality of the materials, Luisa herself started rearing rabbits of a special breed, which allowed obtaining wool with excellent characteristics. She put a goal to create many jobs for women and help them look stylish and feminine in any situation. This idea has been running throughout all the brand's collections.

Further development

Almost 20 years later, Luisa’s son Mario took over the fashion house, having opened an innovation and research center in the production of knitwear. And in 1940 he introduced the first boutique of women's clothing in Perugia. He managed to bring the company to a new level despite all the hardships of the Second World War. Soon, shops began to appear all over Italy. This was also facilitated by the new wave of Italian cinema, which literally swept across the world. Rising stars Sophia Loren and Gina Lollobrigida appreciated the softness and quality of the sweaters, which thanks to them soon became known far beyond the borders of their native country. In 1986, it was time for Luisa's great-grandchildren to take over the brand. Nino got engaged in the design and gave new life to the old silhouettes, while Mario took over organizational and financial matters.


The company managed to stay true to itself even in the 20th century when loose-fitting pants, as well as baggy silhouettes seeking androgyny, invaded the fashion arena. Their ‘stone pillar’ was a combination of retro, classic, and current trends. Trendy motifs are combined with hints of the 60s and 70s, with an emphasis made on sophistication and feminine silhouettes. As decor, the brand's designers tended to use inserts made of weightless organza, the finest lace, and sensual silk. The collections vary from casual wear to evening gowns. The ability to compose a robust time capsule is one of the key ideas of the brand. By the way, this also provided a reason to replenish the product range with accessories and jewellery. These fashion items are sure to appeal to minimalists as well as admirers of deep colours and simple ornaments that gracefully place accents without stealing the show.

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