History of Maje

Maje was founded by Judith Milgrom in 1998, she was willing to create a brand for dynamic and bright girls playing many different roles throughout the day. Judith’s sensitivity as well as attention to detail made her a unique designer in the fashion world. Soon, the brand opened its first boutique on the left bank of the Seine in the VI arrondissement of Paris. Today the brand has 448 stores in 37 countries of the world.

What does the brand’s name mean?

M – is the first letter in the name of Judith’s daughter, Moyal
A – is the first letter of her brother's name, Alaine
J – is the first letter of the name of the founder, Judith
E – is the first letter of her sister's name, Evelyne

Maje style

Over the years, the Maje collections have acquired a trademark and recognizable style: the classics easily and organically get along with the sporty elements, and the canonical “French chic” is being modernized. Maje is a bohemian chic, sunny and vibrant. The spirit of the brand is freedom without borders, its engine is creativity, and boldness is a unique style.

Maje girl is 100% feminine. She is filled with vivid emotions, she is bias-free. While traveling, she discovers new cultures and it all is reflected in her unique style. Maje style involves freedom of femininity expression with striking designs and catchy details. Maje comes up with versatile silhouettes appropriate day and night. You can easily pick up looks for office, an official event or a party.

"First Stone" project

In 2019, Maje launches the First Stone Project, the first step towards a greener fashion production. Jeans were chosen to be the first fashion item to change. Why jeans? Despite their wearing qualities, jeans remain one of the most water-consuming and environmentally unfriendly garments. To illustrate this, do you know that dyeing just one pair of jeans consumes almost 75 liters of water? To cope with this problem, Maje is adopting a sustainable approach * (An approach using the know-how of Jeanologia, the company that creates sustainable fabrics for fashion brands), which reduces the use of water and chemicals when dyeing jeans by almost 95%.

Address Maje: Moscow, Kutuzovskiy, 48 - «Vremena Goda» Galleries , 3 floor

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