The French brand MAX&MOI grew out of LEDERER’s 100-year experience of fur craftsmanship, founded in 1925 by Max Lederer.

Distinguished for its excellent quality in the premium furs market, the company sews fur models for such prestigious fashion houses as: Paule Ka, Gérard Darel, Comptoir des Cotonniers ...

The motto of the newly created MAX&MOI brand runs: «No frills!». It implies restraint, innovation, independence of style, top-class design. Delicate attitude to the materials used together with close attention to detail do contribute to the exceptional quality of products. New collections are filled with new meaning. They come up with a contemporary style that with a wave of a magic wand incorporates daring, boldness, elegance and femininity.

Fall-winter collections are distinguished by a harmonious combination of materials that first could seem mismatching, for example: leather, fur, cashmere. The collections feature a new concept, groundbreaking looks.

Age does not matter to this brand. MAX & MOI is adored by both young girls, known for their levity, as well as serious ladies who opt for chic and convenience. Basically, the brand is intended for an urban, hectic lifestyle. No frills! Only comfort, luxuriance of fabrics coupled with style.

The brand seems to be created for women who are perfectly aware of their worth, appreciate their style and do not tolerate meaninglessness in it.

Address Max&Moi: Moscow, Kutuzovskiy, 48 - «Vremena Goda» Galleries , 2 floor

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