New Balance

New Balance

Who was the pioneer?

In 1906, William Riley, who came from England, founded a small laboratory for the development of corrective devices. Interestingly, the history of the shoe giant began with watching a chicken. Riley happened to notice that а bird could maintain perfect balance thanks to three points of support. So, soon he started making sneakers based on the same principle. This gifted man created an arch support to uphold the heel exactly like a chicken’s paw. This invention brought him fame and recognition – this is how the New Balance Arch Company was born. 1938 was marked by the official release of the first running sneaker, having been ordered by members of a local club. Just two years later the product range expanded with models for basketball, tennis and boxing.

How did the events unfold?

14 years after, the company changed its owner - the entrepreneur Paul Kidd and his wife Eleanor, who succeeded in bringing the business to a new level, took over the company. Demand skyrocketed. Americans trusted 25 years of experience and wanted to play sports exclusively in New Balance sneakers. Technologies did develop too, so the shoes were becoming better quality, more practical and comfortable. For example, in 1962 the Trackster model made a splash. Customers could choose not only optimal foot length for them, but foot fullness as well, however, the key innovation was a comfortable ripple sole. Thanks to it, the sneakers appealed to the famous runner Kenet Cooper, who picked them for the Boston Marathon. Today, there are already more than 40,000 retail boutiques throughout the world, where you can buy women's, men's and children's shoes, and since 1978, sportswear has also been available for purchase.

Up to date

New Balance footwear uses high-quality materials, including genuine leather, suede and nylon mesh, for maximum flexibility and durability. The brand’s iconic landmark is a tagged number on each model, as well as a large letter N, to recognize the brand's products immediately. The special shape of the inner sole gets adjusted to all the anatomical features of the foot, the rubber sole is additionally equipped with a protector and is made of EVA material. Foamed dense rubber is so light that the shoe can hardly be felt on the foot, it does not absorb water, is resistant to dramatic temperature changes, is flexible, and capable of repeating the relief of the objects adjacent to it. Thanks to all these characteristics, the sneakers are optimal not only for doing active sports but also for everyday walking to ensure maximum comfort.

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