Oblaka is a spacious restaurant with live entertainment located on the 5th floor of the Vremena Goda Galleries on Kutuzovsky Prospekt. People come here for delicate dish, classic and original cocktails, atmospheric interior and panoramic views of the city. The restaurant regularly hosts parties, concerts as well as karaoke nights.

"Oblaka": a restaurant and cuisine

The menu for the Oblaka restaurant was worked out by Nodar Isaev, a young and ambitious chef, whose career path involves such iconic eating establishments as Buddha Bar Moscow, Buddha Bar Tbilisi, Soho Country club, Loc Asia Bar. The chef focused on the author-developed mix of European and Asian dishes. Start your acquaintance with the cuisine with tuna tartare and crispy eggplant salad. As a hot dish, take red risotto with duck and berries, fried Japanese rice and black spaghetti with crab. In addition, there is also a raw bar with sea urchin, oysters, scallops and other delicacies.

The meny has gone beyond just serving seafood and European cuisine. For example, the restaurant comes up with Asian hits like rich tom yum soup, wasabi shrimp or spring rolls, together with grilled premium steaks from high quality meat, including the unique Japanese marbled Wagyu beef. Peking duck is worth mentioning as well, as it is skillfully cooked by the chef himself. Chef does not unveil his secret even to colleagues and prepares this delicacy only by himself. There is also a varied sushi bar at guests’ disposal, it’s distinguished by premium quality of rolls, sushi and gunkans. A variety of fruit, sorbetes and meringue rolls with raspberry sauce are available for dessert.

Oblaka Bar

When it comes to drinks, the Oblaka restaurant places emphasis on on cocktails. Bright and quaffing signature cocktails with exotic fruits, berries and herbs are worth trying. The bar list also comes up with cocktail classics: from mojito and aperol to negroni and daiquiri. A selection of wines is represented by samples from Germany, Italy, France, New Zealand and Spain.

In addition, the Oblaka restaurant has a wide collection of spirits: from vermouths and aperitifs to tequila, vodka and cognacs. Whisky has deserved a particular attention. The list contains about 40 types of this drink from different countries - Scotland, America, Japan, Ireland and other regions.

Live entertainment

Twice a week the Oblaka restaurant hosts concerts: you can listen to young and popular musicians as well as favorite legends such as "Otpetyye moshenniki" or Dmitry Malikov. There are also parties with DJ sets, cocktails and dancing. In the evening, the restaurant has a dress code for guests.

Interior and atmosphere

The "Oblaka" design was made by the Moscow A.D. Family design bureau. Light tone is dominating in the color scheme, making the space airy and lightsome. The interior is delicately touched by vibrant color accents. Exquisite marble and mirrors were used in the decoration. There are green plants to make the space cozy. Four halls featuring different designs are optimal for any occasion: from a romantic date to a karaoke party or a gala banquet.

Address Oblaka: Moscow, Kutuzovskiy, 48 - «Vremena Goda» Galleries , 5 floor

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