Organika Siberian Luxury Bar

Organika Siberian Luxury Bar

Organika Siberian Luxury Bar restaurant is located on the 2nd floor of the Vremena Goda Galleries. The format of the catering establishments combines a bar with premium spirits and haute cuisine involving natural organic products. In addition, at Organika Siberian Luxury Bar you can buy takeaway seafood and fish.

The project is inspired by the Russian Empire, the time when Russian cuisine reached its peak and the products were of very high quality. The company has recreated the art of 19th century of cooking smoked fish up to the tiniest taste and technological nuances.

Restaurant menu

The Organika Siberian Luxury Bar restaurant serves gourmet meals as well as fish specialties. For example, fillet of Norwegian salmon smoked in cool smoke with different flavor nuances: from dill to honey with orange and rose extract. As an alternative, delicate salmon, dried in the wind, which retained its juiciness and acquired a balanced taste.

Besides, here you can enjoy the traditional dish of the peoples of Eastern Siberia and the Far East - yukola. This is deer or fish jerky. At Organika Bar, meals are prepared from selected salmon fillets, which are diced and dried without salt. Also, try the salmon tartare, which goes well with sour cream and lemon sauce. This dish is served on a crispy rye baguette. They also offer salmon pates stewed in hot smoke, with the addition of sour cream, butter and spices.

In addition to salmon, you can try dishes from nelma, which is smoked on fruit chips from the gardens of the Altai Mountains. This fish contains highly digestible protein, a balanced composition of amino acids and fats, which makes this dish light and incredibly healthy. There are other unique fish species: taimen, toothfish, omul and muksun.

Organika Siberian Luxury Bar principles

"Organic" bar is extremely sensitive to the selection of ingredients: the purity of the water as well as the quality of the fish does matter. Raw materials are purchased from fishing artels that fish in tributaries of northern rivers with water from glaciers and Taiga springs. These are ecologically clean places where there are no productions or other factors nearby that could make a negative impact on the fish quality.

Natural sea salt is used for salting the fish - it ensures an ideal fermentation process. The quality of the salt plays an important role in the taste. For the next stage - smoking - the company applies only environmentally friendly wood. It does make the difference, as during the combustion process, noxious substances can be released from the wood if it was mined in a polluted place. Especially for Organika Siberian Luxury Bar, wood is harvested in a place without any production within a radius of about 1000 km. The company uses fruit wood, which is dried under special conditions for three or four years. The wood gets into the smokehouse only when it reaches the required characteristics.

You can try gourmet dishes or get takeaway fish delicacies on the 2nd floor of the Vremena Goda Galleries.

Address Organika Siberian Luxury Bar: Moscow, Kutuzovskiy, 48 - «Vremena Goda» Galleries , 2 floor

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