Ribambelle Home is a store of household goods and care products located on the third floor of Vremena Goda Galleries. The collection features both niche and popular domestic and foreign brands.

Assortment of household goods

Ribambelle Home has a large collection of aroma diffusers from various manufacturers. For example, here you can find perfume compositions from the popular Russian brand Tonka, known for its vibrant selective fragrances. In addition to diffusers, there are available perfumed candles, Palo Santo as well as interior perfumes.

Ribambelle Home also features dishes and table items ranging from mug and saucer sets, glasses to teapots and cutlery. The primacy is given to wine accessories. In the collection you can find glasses not only for sparkling or still wines, but for particular varieties as well. In addition, here you can purchase decanters. They are special decanters for wine, which allow it to be saturated with oxygen and reveal its bouquet of aromas and tastes.

Care cosmetics and beauty accessories

Another key section of Ribambelle Home products is skin care cosmetics. Here you can buy hair care products from popular brands such as Davines, scrubs and body lotions from L: a Bruket and Marble Lab. There are also cosmetics for face and hand skin care from interesting niche brands, for example 22 | 11 cosmetics or Skin Regimen. We also suggest taking a closer look at cosmetic kits. This is a handy way to get to know different brands and their products, as well as a great gift option for the nearest and dearest.

In addition, there are various beauty accessories in the Ribambelle Home catalog. For example, silicone brushes for cleansing face and body skin. There are also rollers and gua sha massagers made of rose quartz. Shower accessories are represented by sponges and massage gloves. Also, here you can purchase a mini fridge for storing cosmetics.

Ribambelle Home special options

Items from the store's collection will be a perfect gift for the nearest and dearest. Here you can find interesting little things, cosmetics and accessories to make your home more comfortable and cozy. In a nutshell, everything to surround yourself and your loved ones with care and beauty.

If you buy gifts totalling 10,000 rubles or more, they will be wrapped in artisan paper for free and delivered to a selected address within Russia. Moreover, in anticipation of the holiday season, you may wish to purchase New Year's or Easter sweets, gingerbread houses and gingerbread sets from the Ribambelle restaurant.

Address RIBAMBELLE HOME: Moscow, Kutuzovskiy, 48 - «Vremena Goda» Galleries , 3 floor