Spettacolo is a traditional Italian restaurant, one of the top-rated Italian restaurants in Russia. Italy is a sunny country where emotions are a way of communication, passion is an expression of feelings, wine is the drink of life, and food is an art. That is why, being in love with Italy and its traditions, we have created a concept restaurant, where we come up with Italian gastronomy in its best version.

Spettacolo is located on the 5th floor of the Vremena Goda shopping center. The restaurant offers a wonderful panoramic view on Moscow, and a 400-meter veranda. Actually, it is the only veranda in Russia of this size to accommodate comfortably 120 people. Restaurant’s design and customer service will allow guests to forget about everything around, relax as if at home, even wearing formal suits and sheath dresses, and enjoy delicious food and communication.

The restaurant's wine list offers the best wines from all regions of Italy, France, Spain, Austria, Chile and Argentina. A wide variety of wines from magical Georgia is worth your particular attention. Georgia is known to be a symbol of ancient winemaking, a country of hospitality, long feasts and beautiful toasts. We do support such love for wine and communication, that is why our collection includes the most exquisite and rare wines in the country. A sommelier, suggestions a wine of charming Georgia, is sure to tell each guest about the grape history, region of origin and other fascinating information about the country, and of course, about wine.

The dessert menu, besides the traditional Italian tiramisu, offers guests a variety of delights of French cuisine. Since Spettacolo is located in the historical centre of the city and welcomes a large number of foreign guests, for the diversity and to satisfy fastidious gourmets, we have included in the menu popular dishes from Japan, France and Georgia.

Also, the restaurant's services include prompt delivery of dishes, phone counseling of waiters and sommeliers as well as consultations on Instagram through the restaurant's account. The choice of dishes will become a pleasant remote process since the staff is true experts in their field, whose only goal is the absolute gastronomic satisfaction of their guests. Delivery is carried out by the restaurant waiters personally as an extra pleasant bonus.

Spettacolo is a variety of delicious food and drinks, unforgettable original desserts, a daily celebration and clinking glasses, relaxed laughter together with endless conversations about beauty, a unique atmosphere of being and the feeling that wonderful life.

Address Spettacolo: Moscow, Kutuzovskiy, 48 - «Vremena Goda» Galleries , 5 floor

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