Studio 22

Studio 22

Studio 22 boutique is a concentration of the best Italian clothing brands from famous designers. The store is the exclusive representative of the Pier Antonio Gaspari brand, and also offers a variety of fashion items from the latest collections of Fuzzi, JPG, Manzoni 24, Semi-Couture, D.Exterior, Le Chapeau, Gold Case, Edward Achour Paris, Guglielmo Capone.

The selection of the presented brands is not nonrandom. Studio 22 deals only with reliable and reputed fashion manufacturers capable of meeting the demands of even the most demanding customers.

Each model represented in the boutique is characterized by superb cut quality, unique design, in line with current fashion trends, as well as special attention to detail. Collections of women's clothing are distinguished by a variety of colors, femininity and grace.

Pier Antonio Gaspari clothing from Studio 22 makes:
  • proven quality of performance, being achieved thanks to high technologies and luxury fabrics;
  • individuality together with creativity of the total-look;
  • relevance of collections and their compliance with current fashion trends;
  • the variety of styles and design solutions presented;
  • ease of choice due to competent consultants;
  • the ability to compose a unified image made of items from different collections.
Wardrobe selection in Studio 22

The boutique's team of professional sales consultants will help you choose a win-win look for any event. To emphasize the individuality of each client, Studio 22 stylists will pick up various options to combine clothing items from different collections and brands, where accessories are sure to complement the selected look. The total-look will be appreciated not only by its happy owner but by the wider public as well.

The boutique presents models for both basic and exclusive wardrobe. Meeting with friends, weekdays or a special event? There is a solution for any case! After purchasing for Studio 22 clothes once it is difficult to resist coming back here again. That is why the boutique is shared the attention of true admirers of high-quality designer clothes.

Address Studio 22: Moscow, Kutuzovskiy, 48 - «Vremena Goda» Galleries , 3 floor