Truffle Bee

Truffle Bee

Truffle Bee is a premium brand of textiles and accessories for exquisite table settings. Truffle Bee’s collections resemble elegant dresses rather than home textiles, allowing you to beautifully, vividly and idiosyncratically update your table’s wardrobe. The brand's DNA features a large number of colour combinations, complex finishes, elaborate details and a play of textures and shapes. The brand balances femininity with classics. If you’ve got Truffle Bee on the table – you’re looking to surround yourself with beauty, regardless of the time of year.


Most of the brand's collections (the Truffle Bee portfolio has more than 15 collections) are inspired by incredible places around the world: for example, the Calanques collection displays a natural combination of coastal rocks and features from Calanques National Park in France, and the geometry of the Boston collection’s products is inspired by the architecture of Faneuil Hall, located in one of the oldest cities in America.


Current global trends indicate that the attitude towards the house is changing — people are beginning to spend more time there, and therefore are paying more attention to creating a stylish and diverse environment in their home. The creation of Truffle Bee was a reaction to changes in lifestyle; now, thanks to items from the brand's collections, serving time can become a special ritual, and a home dinner with friends can be made that much more memorable.

Address Truffle Bee: Moscow, Kutuzovskiy, 48 - «Vremena Goda» Galleries , 3 floor

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