Rooftop cocktail party in the Vremena Goda Galleries
30 Авг 2019

Rooftop cocktail party in the Vremena Goda Galleries

On August 28, the Vremena Goda Galleries together with the Spettacolo restaurant celebrated the summer end with a grand-scale rooftop cocktail party.

A pop-up space with a thematic bar, relaxation areas and a stage was built on the 5th floor specifically for the event. Each of the celebration guests had an opportunity to make a mehendi body painting and get an autumn forecast from a professional tarologist.

The event’s musical mood was handed over to Cream Soda band, DJ Kozak and DJ Ksenia Dukalis.

Among the event guests, we’ve seen Lilit Adibekyan, Diana Manasir, Sarina Turetskaya, Daria Klyukina, Karina Nigay, Katya Gusse, Vyacheslav Glushkov, Alena Litkovets, Katya Botischeva, Anka Akhalaya, Milana Pich, Ekaterina Odintsova, Sergey Buniatov, Veronika Fedorova, Pavel Bobrov, Julia Kvin, Olga Sokolenko, Evgenia Postnikova, Diana Janelli, Anastasia Smirnova, Sofia Doniants, Lisa Moryak, Polina Zvezdina, Vita Miller, Katya Spivak, Natasha Kogan, Inga Meladze, Sofiko Meladze, and Arina Meladze.

The event partner was the French House of Champagne Wines Moët & Chandon that for more than 250 years already has been accompanying all the most unforgettable events, high-end celebrations, significant life moments and victories and caters for the taste of the most demanding connoisseurs.