Where did this story begin?

Just a few people know that the brand BORK, which was founded in 2002, is owned by Russian entrepreneurs. In 1993 they created “Technopark”, a wide chain of household appliances and electronics stores that gained such an outstanding momentum so that businessmen decided to launch a niche brand with an emphasis on the premium market segment.

One can easily go wrong about the geography, as the name comes from the German “abborken” and is translated as “remove the bark”, which implies the purification of the post-Soviet space from the products of poor quality.

It was Germany where BORK Elektronik GmbH was registered, the company specialized in market monitoring and the development of new products.

What else makes the company remarkable?

For the sake of the so-called “purification”, a number of experts from various countries have been involved: the geographical spread of designers and manufacturers includes Switzerland, France, Italy, Turkey, China, Australia, Korea, Japan and other countries. Currently, the company has about 1,200 employees worldwide.

Some more numbers

  • 60 own boutiques (the first one opened in 2007);
  • 51 international awards in the design field;
  • 51 categories of household appliances;
  • A Bork juicer can make 376 litres of juice from 750 kilograms of apples in just 9.5 hours – that’s a world record.
What attracts customers?

The main qualities for which household appliances are valued by the customers are reliability and stability. The latter includes the price tag: it remains unchanged depending on the store. Plus, the brand is very particular about the selection of chain stores where the brand can be represented.

It’s interesting, that in 2012 a TV program was broadcast on the NTV channel with the participation of Vladimir Putin. When the President was showing his house, the household appliances of this brand could be observed in the kitchen.

What item is brand’s trademark?

The product range of the company is diverse. The most popular products tend to be the most affordable ones: such as a kettle or toaster. However, the catalogue also features a smart grill, cordless vacuum cleaner, ironing system and even an oxygen decanter. The latter is intended to saturate noble drinks with oxygen.

One also can buy coasters and wine glasses to go with it – the product range of the brand goes far beyond the selection of household appliances.

As a tangible proof, one can see a yoga mat, a set for playing pétanque as well as a handmade football table in the product range. By the way, the cost of the latter item is about a million rubles. Such price is easy to explain: it’s an exclusive table, made by Italian masters, its base is made of solid canaletto wood, while the playing field and sides are made of tempered crystal glass.

What role has brand played for the industry?

BORK epitomises a company quickly gaining reputation in a local market that doesn’t trust domestic producers.

Due to the high quality of products, cooperation with foreign colleagues, continuing investment in technology development and design, the brand has remained in demand for a sustainable period of time. By the way, the brand is distinguished by a win-win design: minimalistic and up-to-date.

Address BORK: Moscow, Kutuzovskiy, 48 - «Vremena Goda» Galleries , -1 floor

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