Welcome to kid-heaven! Ribambelle provides an entertaining space for children while allowing their parents to relax, enjoy regional delicacies and get comfortable. At Ribambelle, kids play with entertainers, get ready for school, learn how to draw, paint, and sculpt.
History of the brand

Yulia Fedorishina and Oygul Musakhanova, the founders of the family restaurant RIBAMBELLE, began their careers at PricewaterhouseCoopers, one of the most famous international consulting and auditing companies. It’s worth mentioning that they did not know each other back then. At a certain point, after having children, the women realised that they needed change. They wanted to open a business soon. The two young mothers became partners and began brainstorming ideas. Among a great number of them, they chose the most topical – to create a place where everyone could feel comfortable: families, kids and adults. So on the 6th September 2013, the first RIBAMBELLE cafe was opened in the Vremena Goda Gallery. The name is taken from French and translates roughly to ‘a swarm of’, often referring to children.

Distinguishing features

The menu they made with a French accent as well, having added something from the popular Italian cuisine, they also totally refused such fast food dishes as French fries. First of all, RIBAMBELLE is a restaurant, but, plus that, it is also a popular venue for children's parties. The organizers offer several halls, 50 diverse event scenarios with unique show programs, cakes for each taste and sophistication from their own confectionery studio. A visit to RIBAMBELLE for no reason is already a celebration for the child, since there is a children's playground on the territory – it’s a miniature copy of the big world with real houses, where animators help the little ones with entertainment and educational games. Plus that, the restaurant conducts workshops on a variety of topics: cooking, painting and a lot of more.

Present day

During the seven years of its existence, the founders of RIBAMBELLE managed to get the business rolling and make it the most popular family place in Moscow. Now together with the restaurant in the Vremena Goda Galleries there is RIBAMBELLE Green working. The range of services offered by the establishment is very diverse: from the common delivery of ready-made food to the trampoline renting. You can also order table games, gifts and DIY kits, as well as organize a holiday for a child online with the help of animators. Not surprising, this approach has attracted to the RIBAMBELLE cafe a lot of celebrities, who entrust the organization of their children's holidays and celebrations to them. Among them there are Pavel Volya, Mot and Vlad Sokolovsky. And recently, another RIBAMBELLE has opened in Kazakhstan.

Address RIBAMBELLE: Moscow, Kutuzovskiy, 48 - «Vremena Goda» Galleries , 3 floor