El Gauchito

El Gauchito
Steakhouse. The menu is chiefly made of premium meats steaks, fish, vegetarian dishes, elite wines and traditional Argentinean sweets. Hookah options are equally diverse. Thanks to the highly eclectic interior, El Gauchito is suitable for family recreation (with artists working at the restaurant), business meetings and official occasions with a lot of guests.
Who is the chef at El Gauchito?
Artyom Kravchenko. Under his supervision a wide variety of dishes are cooked at the restaurant — from unique ice cream and meringue with forest berries to vegetables and steaks grilled over charcoal, whose preparation can be observed by the visitors.
Which cuisines are presented at El Gauchito?
Argentinian and European cuisines. The recipes are original, hence the plethora of Argentinian sweet dishes such as empanadas (a type of pasties), alfajores cookies and asado (a dish made of fried meet popular in South America).
What is the main characteristic feature of El Gauchito?
The eclectic interior: the basic colour scheme is monochrome, but also seen in the rooms are quirky Decadence chandeliers, a grill decorated with cow pelts, a fireplace with candles in the style of Game of Thrones and many other objects.
Address El Gauchito: Moscow, Kutuzovskiy, 48 - «Vremena Goda» Galleries , 3 floor

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