Bellucci is a cafe located on the 2nd floor of the Vremena Goda Gallery, a great place to relax, take a break from shopping and have a delicious lunch or dinner. Besides, the restaurant's atmosphere is perfect for business meetings with partners or colleagues.

Bellucci cuisine

The cafe offers Italian cuisine and author's cuisine with a touch of Russian traditions.

Meet or rediscover the Mediterranean gastronomic secrets at Bellucci!

Chef Alexander Timakov personally controls the food preparation, so even the most familiar dishes will surprise you with the author's touch. For example, filet mignon served with pak choi, salmon steak with smashed avocado and Ponzu sauce, grilled squid with marinated artichokes and dorado coated with zucchini, tomatoes and Provence herb sauce.

Bellucci Cafe's menu is based on "food pairing" — each dish has a wine pair. For example, tuna tartare with avocado and cilantro sauce or tartar trio of salmon, scallop and sea bass "pair" with New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

You can also find traditional Italian dishes here: from pizza and bruschetta to pasta and risotto.

Enjoy fantastic desserts after lunch or dinner: choose from pistachio roll, pumpkin cake with walnuts or poppy seed cake with cottage cheese and almonds.

There is a great variety of drinks: alcoholic cocktails or soft drinks, healthy juices and smoothies, classic coffee or trendy coffee drinks, such as matcha latte.

Restaurant vibe

Bellucci is not just a place to enjoy delicious food. The cafe's atmosphere is also very special, as the seating area looks like an ancient amphitheater. Here you can easily imagine yourself eating out at a cozy Roman or Venetian restaurant. Soft armchairs and sofas, a sufficient distance from each table will ensure your ultimate comfort and privacy.

Italian cuisine, high quality of ingredients, a good selection of wines, well-trained stuff — this cafe is created for your comfort and pleasure. Your feedback here is also much appreciated — this way Bellucci Cafe becomes even better for its valued guests.

Address Bellucci: Moscow, Kutuzovskiy, 48 - «Vremena Goda» Galleries , 2 floor

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