Multi-Master Repair

Multi-Master Repair
Multi-Master is a chain of household and personal services salons. The main sphere of activity is repair and renewal of clothes, shoes, bags, key making and a lot of other services.
History of the brand

Multi-Master consumer services centre is located on the first basement floor of the Vremena Goda Galleries. The history of household and personal services salons began in 2000 and since that customer have been entrusting repair works only to them. And for good reason: the specialists of the salons are highly qualified and become regularly certified in their own training center. Significant quality of the services provided is also proved by the number of customers who do trust them: more than three hundred thousand clients per year, and each day this number is only growing. Due to its attentive attitude and multitasking, the company occupies the leading position in the market in its segment.

Distinguishing features

What does make the difference in this salon of household and personal services is multitasking. Here you can come to get any domestic problem fixed: repair and renewal of clothes, shoes and bags. Among the services, there is also key making, Samsonite suitcases warranty repair, repair of watches and even bed linen, as well as photo printing, thermal printing, smartphones repair, ID photos, sharpening knives, lace eyelet installing, sharpening skates and much more. An essential component of the service is a warrantee - it is provided up to a year for the work performed.

Present day

It is not an easy thing to meet the rapidly changing demand, but the salon of household and personal services "Multi-Master" is succeeding in it. For example, one of its advantages is the option to call a courier. Applications, as well as calculations of the work costs, are made daily. Remote consultation is available in a variety of formats: on the website, by phone or in a messenger. "Multi-Master" is always open to suggestions and requests of customers since forward development is one of the key challenges of the company.

Address Multi-Master Repair: Moscow, Kutuzovskiy, 48 - «Vremena Goda» Galleries , -1 floor