Car wash

Car wash

Information about the Brand

DreamDetail is a premium class detailing car wash located on the first floor of the Vremena Goda Gallery parking lot. The service provides a whole range of services. In the run up to the winter, here you can order a full car maintenance services: restorative polishing of the body, treatment with liquid glass, which will prevent the impact of reagents and salt, "anti-rain" on glass, as well as treat and protect the leather interior against frost. Another popular trend is the application of a thin film to protect the car body. Here you can get removed even the most challenging dirt from both plastic and metal. Dream Detail uses equipment and special cosmetics from Germany, USA, Italy and England. The space is organized to make the waiting as comfortable as possible. There is a lounge area for clients where you can watch a movie or drink coffee.

What brands are represented?

ServFaces offers German automobile cosmetics for professionals. The main component in use on their line is Silicon, which makes all brand products absolutely safe. During use, a transparent protective layer is formed as a coating to prevent the aggressive effects of the external environment.

Gtechniq is an English company that has become an official partner of several racing teams. The company was founded by quantum physicist Drew Gill. Their range includes chemicals and compositions that protect leather interiors with composite ceramic coatings. All products of the company are designed to improve the technological properties of surfaces as well as to enable premium care.

Chemical Guys is one of the key brands in the detailing industry. The brand was created over 40 years ago in Southern California. The collection of the brand includes more than 600 items, among them there are products for the car coating protection as well as body and interior care, salon air freshener and other accessories.

LeTech is a UK based company that is considered to be one of the leaders in the repair and protection of leather surfaces. It releases special tools, brushes and products for removing various types of dirt.

Suntek and Llumar are two of the leading American brands in the automobile film industry. The DreamDetail detailing center team involves only certified professionals who have undergone special training according to the standards of companies and received a certificate confirming their proficiency in working with these materials.

Address Car wash: Moscow, Kutuzovskiy, 48 - «Vremena Goda» Galleries , P1 floor