History of the brand
“We are used to working with items requiring special treatment” is the slogan of the premium CleanArt dry cleaner. For its creators, it is crucial to make the client entrust them with absolutely any item: designer tailor-made clothes sewed from natural fabrics, or even the one presented in a single copy in the world (these are quite common here). Speed also matters for the founders: there is express cleaning in the list of the services. CleanArt is sure to cope with a task in a flash, and the courier will quickly deliver the order - everything will take no more than 24 hours. The level of service here corresponds to the categories "premium" and "luxury", since the main competitive advantage of "CleanArt» is the competence to work with high-priced items. It is also matters that during the processes environmentally friendly products are used, these are market leaders, specially brought from Europe.
Distinguishing features
The title is translated as "The Art of Cleaning" for a reason: manual labor and high-class craftsmanship of an individual technologist guarantee the quality. Even the products other dry-cleaners give up are taken into work here and returned to their proper look. Sophisticated blouses, evening gowns, trimmed sweaters, mid-season coats as well as jackets are the most common and not the easiest-to-handle items that customers entrust with the CleanArt chain. In addition to fashion items, they accept accessories, bed and table linen, furniture covers, carpets, curtains, portiere and even toys. Minor repairs are also available.
Present day
The CleanArt premium dry cleaners serves clients (the chain already has more than three thousand service points) on the ground floor of the Vremena Goda Gallery. There is also an opportunity to ask a question remotely; a personal manager shall be allocated for this. A convenient mobile application is also at your disposal. With its help, you may wish to call the courier, track your order, find out the time of the delivery, pay for the services rendered and accept gifts from partner brands – all this can be available in just a couple of clicks.
Address Cleanart: Moscow, Kutuzovskiy, 48 - «Vremena Goda» Galleries , -1 floor