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23 Dec 2020
There are just days away from the New Year that makes it high time for holiday shopping. To reduce search time, the Vremena Goda Galleries team has created a detailed list of interesting and useful gifts.
22 Dec 2020
Until the situation with foreign countries has not settled down, you should not ignore travelling in our country, which is exceptionally rich in landscapes. Especially for the Vremena Goda Magazine’s New Year issue, the four heroines shared their impressions after journeys on Russia.
16 Dec 2020
Choosing a look for the New Year celebration is one of the main tasks for December. This year the desire to dress up is stronger than usual: all year long we have been wearing monochrome knit suits, and now we want sequins, velvet and vibrant colors.
9 Dec 2020
The temperature is getting lower and lower each day, and the wardrobe after warm autumn is not ready for the seasonal cold snap? With the arrival of calendar winter, it's time to take advantage of our fashion guide and choose the most relevant options of outerwear for any occasion. We will tell you how designers advise to warm ourselves this year by the example of the collections presented in the Vremena Goda Galleries.
2 Dec 2020
Massive biker boots and Chelsea, boots of 70s with a low heel and ankle boots with a stable heel and platform, as well as universal Cowboy shoes - fashionable seasonal footwear is successfully balancing between comfort and style. In the selection of the Vremena Goda Galleries you will discover pairs of shoes that will become a win-win add-on to your wardrobe.
19 Nov 2020
Black Friday is just around the corner: the 27th November is the start of the traditional sales season. It will be possible to buy clothes and accessories with discounts up to 75% in the Vremena Goda Galleries. We are telling and showing you what fashion items with discounted price are worth your special attention.
13 Nov 2020
Each fashion insider knows that style is in the details. It is worth analyzing the styling of fashion shows to figure out what techniques were used to create bright outings. This season the list is long enough: tights with prints, chunky chains, revealing bras and corsets, flirting with elements of school uniforms, punk aesthetics and much more. In the selection of the Vremena Goda Galleries, there are accent fashion items you will be tempted to add to your wardrobe.
6 Nov 2020
Stella Aminova, one of the brightest girls in posh Moscow, is easy-going about public attention, is honest with other people and ironical towards herself. Today it is a rare, valuable and attractive quality – now almost 750 thousand people are following the mother of six kids on Instagram.
29 Oct 2020
In November, the premiere of the fourth season of the much-talked-of TV series "The Crown" takes place and it is going to be something special. For the first time, two striking characters will appear on the screen - Margaret Thatcher, played by Gillian Anderson and Princess Diana, played by Emma Corrin.
22 Oct 2020
Fall is taking its rights, making us dress warmly. Thankfully, among the current trends, there are numerous fashion items to warm us up throughout the cold season. And in the Instagram feed is full of fashion influencers who are ready to show by their own example how to combine warm clothes to look stylish.
12 Oct 2020
The World Fashion Weeks - New York, London, Milan and Paris - are over, Designers have presented their collections for the coming season. Despite the differences in presentation formats, in diverse collections, the common features can traditionally be traced. What items to pay prior attention to the following season, you’ll find in current spring-summer trends summary from the Vremena Goda Galleries.
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