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23 Nov 2022
Once a year, that very day happens when even the most conscious fashion lover allows himself lots of purchases… Yes, we are talking about Black Friday! While this day is still on the way, we at "Vremena Goda" Galleries prepared a special selection of promotions and items on sale that are definitely worth paying attention to this year.
11 Nov 2022
Cashmere is one of the most luxurious fibers in the world with a rich and bright history. Many people are in love with this ultra-soft wool, dreaming of buying these cozy sweaters, scarves and other items made of cashmere for their wardrobes. When you buy cashmere, you don't just buy "another piece of clothing", you invest in clothes that will last a lifetime.
26 Oct 2022
Despite the fact that trends change every season, we love thinking of "fashion decades". Every decade has a specific philosophy, mood, stylistic techniques and definitely inimitable spirit. The 90s became the brightest, most provocative and innovative era, totally loved by everyone. All existing fashion rules were destroyed, everything that was impossible suddenly became possible. In this article we have carefully collected images of the 90s style icons to see how it was — and try to revive that period.
17 Oct 2022
How can you spend a rainy day? Of course, enjoy some shopping therapy and choose some nice gifts for yourself and your loved ones. Here is a list of great shopping options you can find in Vremena Goda Gallery.
10 Oct 2022
Books help to escape reality, but more than that they teach how to transform your life, learn from the past together with writers and heroes, and become a better version of yourself. In tough times it is very important to choose the right books that can cheer you up, give directions, and just get some comfort. We have chosen five life-enhancing books that will become your great companions in this turbulent time — add cozy looks from our gallery for your comfort and pleasure.
20 Apr 2022
Each season has its own character and mood. Spring is a great time to try something new! Why not update your fragrance collection? We’re talking about four non-banal and niche perfume brands. All fragrances can be found in the beauty section of the gallery, named "Perfumery and Cosmetics".
8 Apr 2022
Since its creation almost two centuries ago, the trench coat has arrived from a long journey. We often turn to history to understand why spies and detectives, Hollywood stars and fashionistas all fell in love with the universal and concise cloak at one time or another.
15 Mar 2022
Against the backdrop of the recent marathon of fashion weeks, we’re reviewing shows from London, Milan, and Paris while talking about the four key streetwear trends. After all, a great way to clear the stormy world mood is to think about some styles for Spring.
1 Mar 2022
The question of what to give on the spring holiday is always a tricky one. That’s why the team at the Vremena Goda Gallery decided to simplify your task by preparing a guide so that you can make the right decision for the woman in your life – from new-collection dresses and stylish accessories to luxurious diamond jewelry.
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