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20 Oct 2023
We may be more creative with our attire when the seasons and routines change. And, because the weather might be hot one day and chilly the next, there is no one answer to the age-old dilemma of what to wear to work to be both beautiful and trendy. We've put together five fall workplace outfits that you can wear all season. We are confident that your business outfit has never looked better or more stylish.
18 Oct 2023
The Vremena Goda Galleries crew filmed the new fall-winter 2024 collections. The campaign was styled by the editor-in-chief of Grazia magazine, Alisa Zhidkova, and photographed by Daniil Golovkin. Check out the photos to see what we'll be wearing this season!
28 Aug 2023
A significant representation of the season's overall mood is always seen in the colors that dominate the new collections. If you pay close attention to the most popular colors in previous years, you may spot a clear trend. For instance, during the pandemic, designers used vibrant colors to energize their audience. What hues will be in style for the upcoming season?
14 Aug 2023
The last month of summer is generally regarded as "the season of love", as it sees the greatest number of wedding ceremonies. We decided to start a new column this August to discuss the most memorable marriages of the previous century. Today, we will tell you about one traditional wedding and two really rebellious ones.
10 Aug 2023
Many of us used to hate wearing uniforms at school because of their dullness, similarity, and ugly aesthetics. In general, this can be forgotten because modern interpretations of the idea of school uniforms can even outshine adult collections in terms of style.
21 Jul 2023
This week, we want to emphasize the value of change by showing you how it may improve your daily routine and change your perspective on a variety of outside events. How do you start making changes? For example, you may begin by altering your image by putting yourself in new, stylish roles that you had never considered previously. We gathered images of many aesthetic accents for you; everything from the collection is now on SUMMER SALE at the Vremena Goda Galleries.
14 Jul 2023
Mademoiselle Coco Chanel is sometimes credited with creating the "little black dress," although she was really just its popularizer. She really "stole" this look from other, less well-known fashion designers. In general, the "little black dress" and the invention of film both occurred around this time. Clara Bow appears in the silent picture in 1927 in a modest black gown with long sleeves and a lace collar. When she is invited to dinner at The Ritz, she whips up a beautiful cocktail outfit using scissors. This item of clothing is no longer merely a sign of sorrow, as it was in the Victorian era, but has become a trendy must-have and a uniform for social gatherings among high-society females.
23 Jun 2023
In recent years, both mass-market labels and high-couture houses have increasingly turned to the aesthetics of bohemian style in their collections. And, because this style is becoming increasingly popular, we decided to take a step back and recall its origins.
2 Jun 2023
Prom night is a significant occasion that will mark the start of a new phase and the process of growing up. We offer outfits that will let you express your personality and rule the crowd, whether you are a romantic dreamer, a gorgeous lady, or a rebel with a rock star soul.
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