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27 Jul 2021
The phrase dress to kill acquires a new meaning when it comes to the second season of «Why Women Kill». It is not only the exciting detective plot that makes it worth watching but also the spectacular outfits of the late 40s. The Vremena Goda Galleries team will make out the style of the heroines of the series.
23 Jul 2021
The Gucci tote bag with bamboo handles having been fancied by Princess Diana is back. The Italian fashion house releases an updated version of the legendary bag. The Vremena Goda Galleries spotlight the history of this cult fashion item.
19 Jul 2021
The men's spring-summer 2022 fashion weeks ended at the end of June. Within this event, new collections were shown by Louis Vuitton, Dior Men, Hermès, Philipp Plein, and other designers. The Vremena Goda Galleries team comes up with a SS'22 guide to the most relevant trends worth paying your attention to. These trends are being actual not only for men but for women as well since the contemporary fashion world is seeking gender neutrality.
19 Jul 2021
Currently, an unprecedented heat has been reigning in many Russian regions and, judging by the forecasts, it is not going to say goodbye. While air conditioners, as well as fans, are flying off the shelves, it is worth looking for new methods to escape from the summer heat. We are sharing a list of uncommon cooling dishes to try in the restaurants of the Vremena Goda Galleries.
6 Jul 2021
Today, smart shopping is being on the rise. And here we can mention not only conscious purchases but a good investment made at a season sale. Summer sale makes a great way to refresh your wardrobe by spending less while buying more. The selection of Vremena Goda Galleries contains the list of main season purchases with impressive discounts!
6 Jul 2021
During the summer sale, we suggest you look closer not only at high fashion models such as goggles or mini-bags but also at basic things that are sure to last for a few seasons. Minimalistic knit suits, light dresses as well as denim shorts with a good discount appear a smart wardrobe investment. The selection of the Vremena Goda Galleries contains the primary season purchases with impressive discounts! Benefit from our tips for conscious shopping to avoid reckless spending.
1 Jul 2021
Today, fashion bloggers are setting trends along with designers. Their accounts are a source of inspiration, extraordinary outfits as well as catchy styling tricks. The Vremena Goda Galleries team reviews the feed of fashion influencers to make a fashion guide on Summer 2011 trends for men: from summer knitwear to hats.
24 Jun 2021
We adore dresses for their allness and self-sufficiency: the only thing left to complete the look is to pick up accessories and shoes. This season, the variety of cuts and textures are being at the forefront: from airy "doll" models with ruffles to laconic slip dresses in the spirit of the 90s. Check out our fashion guide to the most relevant summer dresses that are available in the Vremena Goda Galleries.
24 Jun 2021
Sunglasses have always been a must-have summer accessory. Not only protecting eyes from sunlight and ultraviolet radiation, they also serve to polish off the fashion look. The Vremena Goda Galleries come up with 5 relevant models of glasses that are worth your attention this season. Fashion influencers will show what to mix and match either monogoggles or classic aviators.
21 Jun 2021
If you are after some perfect summer shoes, check our guide to the most stylish pairs of the 2021 season. We have selected seven trendy summer shoes worn by fashion influencers throughout the world. A variety of options from comfortable, sporty sandal shoes to elegant mules and slingbacks are being available in the Vremena Goda Galleries.
16 Jun 2021
Brand collaboration is one of the game-changers in the contemporary fashion industry. For the last few years, not a month has been gone by without news of a fresh fashion collaboration. Luxury brands and mass market, fashion houses and artists, bloggers and fashion houses, they all are becoming increasingly unified. The Vremena Goda Galleries team highlights the brightest of them.
11 Jun 2021
Fashion of the 90s makes a triumphant return to the catwalks: references to this era can be seen in summer collections of almost any designer. It is reflected in the trends of accessories as well: chokers, chunky rings and chains for pants are being at the peak of popularity. We come up with a guide to the most relevant jewelry of the season both for women and men, all the accessories mentioned can be found in the Vremena Goda Galleries.
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