About the brand

LuxEmotion is a boutique of brand-name furs and women's clothing located on the second floor of the Vremena Goda Galleries. The history of Lux Emotion goes back over 19 years. The salon unites such brands as Tsoukas, Nello Santi, Active, Rindi, and others. Only natural expensive fur - Barguzin sable, ermine, lynx, mink, chinchilla - is used for garments. The quality is confirmed by the certificates provided by the makers. The assortment is varied, for instance: a short model in a bright shade, an elongated cashmere vest with a trim, or a classic fur coat in a neutral color. The mission of LuxEmotion is to reveal the sensuality and charm of a woman with the benefit of fur.

Excellent design and advertising campaigns

The word Emotion in the brand name is reflected even in the interior design - the wall is decorated with bright stained-glass to highlight the accents of the interior design. The colour array repeats itself in the other decorative elements, for example, miniature pillows. Space is visually enlarged thanks to round lamps and golden decor.

The collection's spirit is conveyed by advertising campaigns. One of them was shot by stylist Yekaterina Mukhina and photographer Danil Golovkin. The face of the campaign became Marina Linchuk, a prominent Belarusian top model, who appeared in daring looks.

Another memorable photo shoot starred Yulia Vasiltsova, who worked with Dior. Photographer Vyacheslav Fillipov, experienced in shooting for glossy magazines and world-leading brands, succeeded in reflecting the philosophy of the boutique. The photographs reveal aristocratic femininity laced with provocation and challenge.

Address LuxEmotion: Moscow, Kutuzovskiy, 48 - «Vremena Goda» Galleries , 3 floor