About the company

The X.O chain of stores can be called a real territory of style, free from prejudices and stereotypes, fostering self-expression and distinctness. Its motto runs: “Life is like a daring joyride. Fashion is like a bright adventure”. It perfectly reflects the philosophy of the founders. The boutique unites more than 30 of the world's leading brands of men's underwear, socks and homeware. The product range is constantly expanding, and the focal point is made on the perfect quality of fashion items. Currently, there are already more than 18 brand boutiques throughout Russia.

What brands are represented in the boutique?

Bruno Banani, one of the most promising companies in the lingerie industry, broke all records of popularity in its homeland in Germany. The techniques of Italian designers coupled with German quality have contributed to the brand’s formula for success. Premium fabrics with a predominance of cotton are used for tailoring. The company's products have successfully passed the extremely high-pressure test, showing excellent results as well as maintaining their top characteristics at 480 bar.

Burlington is a brand with a signature look. Most of the fashion items are decorated with variations of the Argyle ornament - that very pattern used to be applied to the kilts of the representatives of the ancient Scottish family Campbell. The designers patented it and made this theme running through the entire collection. Another feature is creative combinations of shades to emphasize freshness and spirit. For instance, turquoise can be combined with yellow or crimson, as well as blue goes well with orange and red.

The Swiss company Calida will appeal to the admirers of minimalism, maximum comfort and convenience. Only ultra-thin and elastic fabrics are selected for tailoring, they perfectly transmit oxygen and practically can not be felt on the body. The entire fabrics undergo strict quality control: tested for wear resistance and durability, shedding resistance and tendency to shrink after washing.

Derek Rose offers cosy dressing-gowns and pyjamas. The landmark of the brand is the sets for sleeping, made of satin fabric with a striped print. Designers come up with a variety of cuts and a large selection of shades. To ensure comfort and convenience, brand's underwear features carefully crafted and discreet seams.

What is the core value of X.O.?
Individuality, inner liberation, and longing for self-expression. The first X.O. store was opened under the slogan “Life as a reckless venture. Fashion as a striking adventure”. It hasn’t changed ever since.
What is the X.O.’s showpiece?
Every season, new collections by all the boutique’s brands hit the stores, so it’s impossible to select a single showpiece. Moreover, X.O. offers an extremely diverse product range – from home trousers to beach towels.
What three words can characterize X.O.?
Quality, design, reliability – all the X.O. brands are united by careful attitude towards selecting fabrics, by taking care of a client’s comfort, and longing for creating fashionable and the most comfortable casual items.
Address X.O.: Moscow, Kutuzovskiy, 48 - «Vremena Goda» Galleries , 3 floor

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