Brunello Cucinelli

Brunello Cucinelli
History of the brand

The smiling Italian Brunello Cucinelli created the self-titled brand in 1978 and after a couple of years moved it to Solomeo, where now the headquarters of one of the main luxury brand of our time is located. The choice of location can be explained easily: the designer fell in love with Federica Benda and after her fell for her native town as well. Due to this relocation, the development of the area accelerated: the Italian even opened a school of crafts there, where talents from all over the world come to learn. The future king of cashmere, as the fashion world tends to call him, was born in Castel Rigone in 1953. Already at the age of 25, he bought out a knitting factory and showed the first cashmere sweater. Having focused on this fabric, the designer played it right - its quality allows items to serve for many years and even be inherited. China, Tibet and the Gobi Desert - this is where Cucinelli purchases for raw materials for his factory.

Distinguishing features

The main thing the brand is valued for is the philosophy been established by Cucinelli in the brand's DNA. For him, fashion items are not just items, but part of a lifestyle. The Italian is on the side of conscious consumption and against the blind pursuit of trends and discounts, so he tries not to run sales. According to him, it makes sense to consider seriously the choice of wardrobe. He is also known for being very empathetic towards his employees, following digital ethics as well as advocating work-life balance: “I have always claimed that a person should work quite long, eight hours a day, and after that one is to devote time to their spirit, soul and body. " Cucinelli also has a soft spot for the younger generation – to the generation of young he dedicated his book Solomeo, in where he described his beloved Italian province. It is through the history that the designer wants to convey timeless values to youth. Beauty, truth and humanity are his core landmarks.

Present day

Brunello Cucinelli these days are collections for men, women and children, plus household items. Everything is hand-crafted, created from natural materials and carries the philosophy of Brunello. The Brunello Cucinelli boutique in Moscow at the Vremena Goda Galleries is a reflection of the Italian Fashion House style. The interior is decorated in a contemporary minimalist style: furniture made of European walnut, stone floors and soft cashmere upholstery give the space a fancy and modern look. The collections represent the models for both evening and everyday wear. The women's line, in addition to clothing, footwear and accessories, also includes jewelry made of semi-precious stones.

Address Brunello Cucinelli: Moscow, Kutuzovskiy, 48 - «Vremena Goda» Galleries , 1 floor

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