From a little black dress to a tweed suit, from a quilted bag to two-tone shoes and camellia brooches, perfect red lipstick and N° 5 fragrance, the list of Chanel fashion innovations is second to none.
How did the brand's history begin?

Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, this is exactly what her full name sounds like, was born in 1883 in Saumur, a small town in central France. By the age of 18, the girl was already working as a saleswoman in a clothing store and at the same time was singing in a cabaret under the pseudonym Coco.

There she met Etienne Balsan – it was he who helped her take her first steps in fashion, the most important one happened to be her moving to Paris.

Where and when did the first boutique open?

In 1910, the first store under the Chanel brand was opened - that time, its range consisted of hats only. Within a year, the boutique moved to Rue Cambon, where it took the place opposite the Ritz Hotel. There was located a salon, Chanel's apartment, a studio as well as an atelier. The most famous four-storey boutique house became the designer’s property by 1918. And exactly one hundred years later, a major renovation was held. The great Mademoiselle said: “When my customers come to me, they like to cross the threshold of some magical place. They feel a satisfaction, and this makes them happy, that delights them: they are privileged characters who are incorporated into our legend ".

Who is the brand's muse?

The name, that made black dresses, tweed jackets and other significant items for the House iconic and always in fashion, is Gabrielle Chanel. Until now, after half a century as the designer passed away, her taste is trusted, her opinion is heeded. Who are trusted to represent Chanel on posters? The name of Catherine Deneuve has been associated with the brand a good while. Some got familiar with Coco after Audrey Tautou played the legendary Frenchwoman in the movie“Coco Before Chanel”. To these may be added such fancy ladies as Gisele Bundchen, Keira Knightley, Kristen Stewart, Vanessa Paradis and her daughter Lily-Rose Depp. And more recently, Margot Robbie and Penelope Cruz in Chanel looks have been smiling at us from the red carpet.

What role has the brand played in the fashion industry?

Best of all market success can be indicated by numbers: the annual turnover of the fashion house is more than $ 9 billion with 200 boutiques around the world. You can't argue the fact that the main Gabrielle Chanel’s merit is the formation of taste in several generations throughout 111 years the brand exists. Femininity and uncompromising can live together amicably - this was proved by her example, which for a long time inspired Karl Lagerfeld as Creative Director of the brand and currently, it inspires Virginie Viard, his successor at this position.

What item is the brand's landmark?

A little black dress is a perfect way out of any situation. We owe this simple formula to Chanel. Tweed jacket with a perfect fit, recognizable silhouette and style is undoubtedly the most fundamental purchase for the proper fashionable wardrobe. As well as CHANEL # 5 fragrance, because Chanel herself said: “Perfume is invisible, but unforgettable, unsurpassed fashion accessory. It announces the appearance of a woman and continues to remind of her when she is gone ... ".

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