Cosmotheca is a multi-brand cosmetics seller and corner store where you can find cutting-edge ethical cosmetic brands, unique perfumes and accessories from across the globe. All our brands are characterized by pure formulas, tested efficacy, clean production means and social responsibility.
How did Cosmotheca begin?
Cosmotheca’s founder, Hayk Sargsyan, started as a distributor of luxury-class brands. At a certain point he realised, however, that the founders of most of the brands he had been working with were somewhat vacant. In their place he found marketing machinery trying to constantly refurbish the ideas of those who had advocated for inertia. This is how the idea of a multi-brand store that promotes young chamber brands appeared — after all, these will someday become classics.
Where does the founder take their source of your inspiration?
Behold Austria, a country that fascinates with its attitude towards the natural and the beautiful. It’s one of the first countries that started the mass promotion of the organic trend in both cosmetology and daily life.
What are the top three indispensable products of the brand and why?
We do not entertain the concept of an ideal must-have for everyone – at Cosmotheca, everyone can find something particularly fitting for themselves. However, there are three indispensable elements of note. Each product on our shelves must be efficacious, natural and fairly priced.
Address Cosmotheca: Moscow, Kutuzovskiy, 48 - «Vremena Goda» Galleries , -1 floor

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