Brand creation

The history of Dior began in the middle of the 20th century, to be precise, in 1946. That was when the designer, Christian Dior, whose name the brand bears, with the textile manufacturer Marcel Boussac, opened a haute couture atelier on Rue Montaigne. The latter individual was often called the ‘King of Cotton’ – at that time, Bussac was the richest man in France. A year later, Christian released his first collection, which American journalists called ‘the new look’, winning the hearts of a variety of fashion mongers. “Europe had tired of dropping bombs and now wanted to let off a few fireworks” – these were the famous words of the designer. This ‘new look’ style was nothing more than an accentuated waist as well as a narrow shoulder line along with a flared skirt. The cropped, close-fitting jacket, which received the pitchy nickname of ‘Bar’, is the image of Dior aesthetics and an essential part of the brand’s DNA. For those times, such a silhouette seemed quite provocative, so it was just impossible to ignore the collection. The success was immediate and Dior forever went down in history as a firm part of the fashion world.

Big moments

In 1957, the designer passed away and it was Yves-Saint Laurent who began working on Dior’s collections. So, a trapezoid silhouette came to replace the ‘woman-flower’ one. Three years later, he was replaced by Marc Bohan and fashion lovers from all over the world, up to 1989, changed into the ‘slim look’ style – a gentler fashion than that created by Christian Dior. Gianfranco Ferre was next to take over as creative director: the Italian designer looked to the past and focused on the founder's aesthetic. When John Galliano appeared, it was like a flash; fashion shows became like theatrical performances and supermodels were allowed to demonstrate their acting skills. The subsequent three years of Raf Simons provided somewhat of a contrast, as the Belgian designer was a fan of minimalism.

Present day

In 2016, a woman, Maria Grazia Chiuri, for the first time in history becomes Creative Director of Dior. Her works speak of female power, often touching upon socio-cultural themes. To see the designer's collection, visit the two floors of the Vremena Goda Galleries. On the first floor, there are women's shoes and accessories, on the second one - women's clothing, men's line and VIP fitting room. Nearby you can find jewelry. There you will also find a professional dressmaker who will customize the selected items for you, as well as fix or restore the items purchased previously. This space is recalling the capital of France since the layout of the Dior boutique is inspired by the image of the main Parisian boutique.

Address Dior: Moscow, Kutuzovskiy, 48 - «Vremena Goda» Galleries , 1 floor

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