History of the brand

The Eres brand of swimwear, lingerie and luxury accessories can be trusted as well as the Chanel Fashion House and it is not just a beautiful comparison: these French brands have one owner - the Wertheimer brothers. Karl Lagerfeld once remarked: "It is obvious to be wearing Eres lingerie under a Chanel dress." Eres brand is just younger: Irene Leroux created it in 1968. The Frenchwoman pursued the idea of creating swimsuits that would grace girls not only in summer but throughout the year. The brand successors tend to follow the footsteps of the designer and still continue experimenting with fabrics, prints, colors and shapes - that's what makes Eres so popular. Whether one- or two-piece swimsuit, with a bold neckline or a modest silhouette, each girl is sure to find a perfect one. The first boutique is located in Paris on Place de la Madelaine, today there are 20 of them all over the world, and there are about five hundred sales points.

Distinguishing features

Swimsuits with a high waist are called "Eres" models. Most often they are made in pleasant subtle colors, however, there are also bright models. It is interesting that the company does not recognize push-up technology as well as firm cups, they prefer complex silhouettes to accentuate beneficially any figure. This sculptural effect together with other advantages as fast drying and not fading in the sun are provided by branded fabrics combining polyamide and spandex. Eres also frequently uses lace to make lingerie look more sensual. Eres was one of the first brands to use shades of powder and skin color to make lingerie and swimsuits even sexier. Models of various types participate in advertising campaigns: fatal brunettes, affectionate blondes with magnificent forms or not, but the most curious shots are the ones from kid's collection. After all, kids always are willing to dress up "like Mom", so they are showing genuine happiness.

Present day

Eres is distinguished not only by innovation in product development but in the positioning as well. Recently the brand suggested the idea of wearing swimsuit outside the beach and using this fashion item as a part of a casual look. The idea may seem bold enough, but the quality and beauty of the swimwear make us seriously consider it. Besides swimsuits and underwear, Eres creates beachwear: shirts, overalls, skirts and accessories: bags and hats. Their wearing extends beyond the resorts - this is exactly what the founder of Leroux fancied to achieve half a century ago: so that people would come to her boutique not only during the warm season but all year round.

Address Eres: Moscow, Kutuzovskiy, 48 - «Vremena Goda» Galleries , 3 floor

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