About boutique

Parade is a multi-brand store of women's shoes, clothing and accessories, located on the 3rd floor of the Vremena Goda Galleries. The assortment makes it possible to create a complete wardrobe: from a basic T-shirt to outerwear or an evening gown. The space brings together more than 60 world-famous brands from different countries, brands with a rich history together with aspiring promising designers. Among them are Stuart Weitzman, Marc Jacobs, Bally, MM6, Manzoni 24, Pollini, Valextra, Kennel & Schmenger, Eric Javits, Allude. The company's philosophy is that style is all about little things, so buyers pay special attention to the choice of the fashion items presented in the store. The main idea is to come up with the items that can easily fit into the wardrobe, creating the looks for any occasion. The landmark of the boutique is vip service. Customers can take advantage of shopping accompanied by a stylist or free delivery with fitting.

More about brands

Allude is a German brand famous for cashmere, which accounts for more than 40% of the world's turnover of this material. Designers tend to experiment with compositions and combine cashmere with cotton, viscose, silk, linen and even leather, achieving a contrast of textures. Another feature is the tandem of pastel shades and bright colors, such as beige with lime or fuchsia. The brand is successful in experimenting with cashmere, which is commonly associated with laconism, minimalism and non-standard solutions.

MM6 (Maison Margiela) is a game changer for modern fashion. The creator of the brand has always avoided interviews and publicity, preferring maximum anonymity so that all attention is focused on creativity and clothing, not on his personality. The brand DNA includes devotion to complex solutions and deconstruction, for example, collections feature a jacket turned inside out or a skirt made of a shirt. Favorite techniques are asymmetry, experimenting with textures, deliberately raw edges, rough stitching as well as exaggerated negligence.

Stuart Weitzman is an American brand with a rich family history in the best traditions of Italy. Under the brand name, premium quality shoes are produced, which are being chosen by the celebrities of the first magnitude. The founder’s son, after whom the business got its name, created the first pair of shoes at the age of 12. The experiment happened to be so successful that it was immediately put into mass production.

Bally is a Swiss brand producing clothing, accessories and footwear. Initially, the company specialized in the production of elastic tape, which today has become a distinctive quality mark. It makes the shoe last more durable and resistant. Bally is the twin of age-old traditions. The exclusive technologies used to make shoes have been around for almost 200 years.

Address Parad: Moscow, Kutuzovskiy, 48 - «Vremena Goda» Galleries , 3 floor