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Perhaps, each of us has ever wondered: what to give to a person who has everything?

Stargift comes up with a unique solution. After all, each of us would be excited to receive a record signed by Madonna, a boxing glove autographed by Mike Tyson, a T-shirt autographed by Lionel Messi, a handwritten letter from Leo Tolstoy. The list is to be continued.

The Stargift collection includes over 1000 autographs together with personal belongings of famous people from the world of sports, music, art, cinema and politics. The breadth of the collection is sure to impress even the most sophisticated ones.

Stargift is a joint project of the two collectors, Ilya Slutskin and Vashik Martirosyan, who turned their lifelong hobby into a business. The brand has been actively engaged in the cooperation with the best Russian private banks and concierge services. They regularly hold closed exhibitions not only in Moscow, but in St. Petersburg as well, coming up with prestigious venues and fashionable locations.

The permanent exhibition in the Vremena Goda Galleries features about 150 unique exhibits, all of which can be purchased.


The range includes truly exclusive items, such as an apparel from Madonna's wardrobe, a shirt owned by Frank Sinatra, a T-shirt signed by Lionel Messi, music sheet with marks made by Petr Tchaikovsky, a book signed by Pablo Picasso. The list of the exhibits also includes such unique things as Napoleon's own handwritten letter or a box from Yves-Saint Laurent’s personal collection. The company's mission is to collect in one place gifts and souvenirs for people who have already got everything. Authenticity is confirmed by special certificates issued by reputable world agencies, as well as leading libraries and museums of our country.

In addition to the gifts and souvenirs, customers can order a variety of VIP services, such as a personalized greeting from a celebrity, personal workout session with a professional athlete, or a video message. In case you fail to find the name of a relevant celebrity in the catalog, you can leave a request for a search. The company collaborates with the most prominent collectors around the world and takes up even the most complicated requests.

Social responsibility

The company has a proactive stand on social issues and cooperates with leading charitable foundations. In 2020, Stargift, as a partner of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), organised the ‘Arctic’ auction. All funds raised were transferred to a project aimed at preserving the lifecycle of the polar bear and creating suitable habitat for them to thrive. The brand also cooperates with the French foundation ‘T-shirt gives life’ and Alexander Kerzhakov’s foundation ‘Stars for Children’, which helps children who find themselves in difficult situations. At charity events, the founders of Stargift offer patrons incredibly rare lots, as well as the opportunity to enjoy unique exhibits as a part of a private tour throughout the gallery.

Address Stargift: Moscow, Kutuzovskiy, 48 - «Vremena Goda» Galleries , -1 floor

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