The renovated Parad boutique opened
10 Сен 2019

The renovated Parad boutique opened

Earlier in September, the Parad store chain of fashion shoes, clothing and accessories opened a renovated boutique in the Vremena Goda Galleries. One may think that it’s impossible to surprise clients of this gorgeous realm of fashion and luxury? Here, every store is a true embodiment of the modern fashionmongers’ most cherished dream. But the team of designers managed to take even their breath away.

The renewed space has been created with a passionate love for a woman who has a clear vision of the modern fashion, who appreciates a comfortable environment and can’t stand a dilettantish approach.

The Parad chain always adheres to the latest trends in the design world when creating its stores’ interiors. Baroque, minimalism, provence, and loft styles have already become the history of Parad interior designs. The time has come when the style of the store can for sure be called PARADE. It doesn’t resemble any other style. Which is also true for a choice made by the company buyers’ when comprising just another collection that from season to season remains amazing with uncommon models, brands, and color palettes.

A luxurious indigo blue combined with charming pink turns the whole space into a true women’s kingdom. Vintage mirrors, wooden furniture painted to match the walls, soft sofas and armchairs of various shapes create a cozy atmosphere of a Paris fashion salon. Numerous mannequins, located in the center area just like an art installation in a modern art museum, demonstrate the best looks of the current season collection.

For the first time, a wide selection of clothes is offered in the Parade salon: outer fur garments by Italian brands Manzoni 24 and Blancha, fashionable new arrivals by well-known Marc Jacobs, MM6, Ballantyne, cashmere knitwear Allude, dresses by the Russian design bureau The Dress, etc. All these required a whole separate room and 2 gorgeous fitting rooms.

The project designers paid special attention to the salon’s key accessory hit – the headwear. A common exposition of hats on mannequins and as looks’ parts has been complemented by a whole accessory wall with special hangers. The habitually best selection of hats in Moscow offered in the Parad boutique, has now been brought into sharp focus. American brands Eugenia Kim and Eric Javits, Italian – Marzi, Japanese – Ca4la, Belgian – My BOB, Russian – Canoe, and many other will allow no client to stay indifferent.

Right now, loyal customers will be amazed with the store’s broader assortment. The store has found a place for original interior items of glass and ceramics by Portuguese factory Bakst that produces handmade items only. In a little while, the store shelves will be filled with women’s books on fashion, travel, and healthy lifestyle, as well as with home fragrant diffusers and candles, and many other useful trifles.

The store interior is no longer static. The design team is now preparing additional interior items that will interchange and make a client feel always new. And as it is commonly known, positive emotions from good news create a magical aura of joy and happiness.

Parad boutique, 3 floor