Аромат от Matiere Premiere завоевал престижную награду
11 Oct 2021

Matiere Premiere's Radical Rose wins a prestigious award

Radical Rose by Matiere Premiere wins the Unusual Fragrance nomination in the UK Perfumery Foundation competition.

Matiere Premiere is a French niche perfume brand. The brand name translates as “Source Material”. The brand perfumer Aurelien Guichard uses a natural raw non-treatedl component in the center of each composition. The name of this material becomes the name of the fragrance. For example, the Matiere Premiere line includes Parisian Musk, Australian Sandalwood or Somali Incense.

Radical Rose features a delicate May rose in the center of an olfactory pyramid. Full-bodied floral notes set off the spice of Jamaican pepper and saffron, while earthy patchouli and a muted oriental note of labdanum sound in the trail.

The Radical Rose fragrance, which won the Unusual Fragrance award in the UK Perfumery Foundation competition, is available at the Perfumes & Cosmetics beauty space.

"Perfumery and Cosmetics", 1st floor