Ароматы для него и для нее от Maison Francis Kurkdjian
8 Feb 2019

Fragrances For Him And For Her By Maison Francis Kurkdjian

As an astute observer of modern society and its evolution, Francis Kurkdjian reflects the modern age by telling stories through fragrances.

Gentle Fluidity is his answer to the modern question of gender identification. “Fluidity” means benevolence as the most important value for Francis Kurkdjian. “Gentle” is because all of us can freely express our individuality without submitting to the dictate, as well as the creative freedom of the perfumer.

Gentle Fluidity is the name of the two fragrances of eau de parfum created by our perfumer. The same name for the two different personalities and two different fragrances made from the same ingredients.

One composition, two personalities

The art of working with the ingredient to fully reveal its taste and challenge the perfumery skill means to create two absolutely different fragrances with the same notes: juniper, nutmeg, coriander, musk, wooden amber, and vanilla accords.

The Gentle Fluidity duet was born thanks to the imagination of the masterful perfumer in order to give the world two individual olfactory silhouettes – for her and for him.

Gentle Fluidity fragrances are presented in the Perfume and Cosmetics Department on the first floor of Vremena Goda Shopping Mall.