Beauty-новинка: мерцающее увлажняющее масло Dr Sebagh
1 May 2021

Beauty Novelty: Dr Sebagh Shimmering Moisturizing Oil

A novelty in the "Perfumery and Cosmetics" beauty-space is the shimmering moisturizing oil Dr Sebagh. The product restores skin natural protective barrier, intensely moisturizes and nourishes, and also has a lifting effect - it lifts, evens out the skin texture, making it more elastic, smooth, soft and silk velvet.

Thanks to its "dry texture", the oil is instantly absorbed and evenly spread on the skin, leaving neither marks on clothes nor a sticky feeling after application. Shimmering moisturizing oil has a delicate, subtle scent that will be enveloping you in a light, weightless veil throughout the whole day. After applying the oil, you will notice a delicate sparkling shimmer that emphasizes and enhances the natural beauty of your skin.

It's time to shine! The novelty is available in the "Perfumery and Cosmetics" beauty-space.

"Perfumery and Cosmetics", 1st floor