Часы Marine Haute Joaillerie Poseidonia от Breguet
19 Jun 2020

Breguet Marine Haute Joaillerie Poseidonia Watch

Breguet House presents the new Marine Haute Joaillerie Poseidonia model, which is an astonishing embodiment of the majestic beauty of the waves.

The waters of the Mediterranean Sea are full of nature’s secrets and mysteries. One of them is the plant Posidonia oceanica, indispensable for the ecosystem of the underwater kingdom. The image of this unique “sea grass” in the form of elegant diamond inlay printed on the mother-of-pearl clock face of the new Marine Haute Joaillerie Poseidonia.

In addition to Marine Haute Joaillerie watches with diamonds and Tahitian mother-of-pearl, Breguet House also presents three other models - “blue” with sapphire inlay, “red” with rubies and “green” with emeralds. The elegant pattern on each clock face is made up of various gemstones with a pre-dominance of the main shade - red, green or blue one.