Два новых аромата Kilian из линейки The Liquors
8 Sep 2021

Two new Kilian fragrances from The Liquors line

Two new fragrances L'Heure Verte and Apple Brandy On The Rocks, presented in rocks glass looking bottles, authentic glasses for drinking spirits, have replenished the Kilian brand The Liquors collection.

Being a descendant of the famous dynasty of French cognac producers, Kilian Hennessy, the perfumer of the House, decided to create a new category of winy fragrance. Thus, he pays tribute to his cultural heritage as well as his beloved spirits, associated with parties until dawn.

Kilian Hennessy worked together with perfumer Mathieu Narden to create the new fragrance L'Heure Verte, inspired by absinthe, a favorite drink of French poets.

Apple Brandy On The Rocks is inspired by a truly American spirit - apple brandy. Kilian Hennessy collaborated with perfumer Sidonie Lansesser to create it.

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