13 Oct 2022

IRO — new collection Autumn/Winter 2022

This brand was created in Paris and inspired by the American rock of the 70s and 80s. IRO is a conceptual style with a strong charisma.

The vintage rock vibe of New York, the romance and freedom of Paris and the wild Tokyo style created a fantastic triptych that became the foundation of the brand's image. Bohemian chic, sophistication and fashion are the key elements of the IRO style recognized everywhere.

IRO is a bold blend of fabrics, textures and seasons. The brand combines genuine leather with romantic prints, slim with oversize, summer with winter and winter with summer. This amazing mix of styles is a symbol of IRO girls. Active, fearless and independent, having no limits and boundaries, they live in the big city rhythm and always stand out from the crowd.

IRO, 3d Floor