Карди Би в чокере Messika
20 Jul 2023

Cardi b shining in the messika chocker

Cardi B attended the annual Messika High Jewelry Collection presentation in Paris. The Messika Ultimate Party choker from the new Midnight Sun collection complemented the outfit of the American singer and Messika brand ambassador. Valerie Messika, Messika's founder and creative director, designed this choker in honor of Liza Minnelli and Diana Ross, who defined the 1970s and introduced the trend for wearing exceptional colored diamonds. A 20.04 ct yellow pear cut diamond and a 9.07 ct white cushion cut diamond are set in the Messika Ultimate Party chocker from the new Midnight Sun collection, echoing the amazing voices of two 1970s legends just like those jewels.

Mercury, 2nd Floor