Коллекция Elena Miro Весна-Лето 2022
13 Apr 2022

Elena Miro’s Spring-Summer 2022 Collection

The Elena Miro Spring-Summer 2022 collection includes a variety of themes divided into spring and summer capsules, all of which are connected by a common hedonistic inspiration – small joys and moments that give us happiness.

Macaron, Activity, Ice-cream, Aloe – the very names of the themes presented in the spring collection evoke associations with spring’s energy and a surge of strength.

The colour palette of the collection is extremely diverse – you’ll find restrained pink and green shades in addition to delicate creamy and pastel blue colours.

Summer colour stories take us to amazing places, from Asia to the Americas: ‘Shunan’ fascinates with printed fabrics inspired by the bamboo forests of China. ‘Sumatra’ explores traditional Indonesian batik fabrics. ‘Atlanta’ and ‘New Orleans’ embody recognizable motifs of traditional and modern North American art.

The ‘Elena Miro Piazza Della Scala’ premium line is for the first time composed exclusively of knitwear, the noblest of all materials. The elegance of fabrics is emphasized by the premium colour palette of capsules, dominated by sparkling white with natural shades of melted milk, clear lakes and the night sky. The Piazza Della Scala collection provides, as always, an elegantly timeless design, simple but refined lines and exquisite details.