Корейские экспресс-тесты на COVID-19 в Аптеке A.V.E.
16 Dec 2020

Korea Rapid COVID-19 Tests at A.V.E.

A.V.E. Pharmacy in the Vremena Goda galleries offers the Korean SD BIOSENSOR rapid tests for antibodies and antigen to COVID-19.The antigen test is done by taking a swab from the nasopharynx. A positive result means that the person is currently being sick.

Benefits of rapid tests:

  • A reliable result already on the first day of the onset of symptoms, without additional laboratory tests,
  • Result within 15-30 minutes,
  • High accuracy (test sensitivity up to 92%, specificity - 100%).

Important! Tests can be purchased both on an individual or a legal entity. In case of purchasing a large number of tests for a company, it is possible to issue an invoice from the legal entity for cashless payment. You can now buy them at A.V.E .in the "Vremena Goda" Galleries.

A.V.E. Pharmacy, 1st floor