La Prairie приглашает в сказочный мир роскоши
22 Nov 2018

La Prairie Invites To The Magic World Of Luxury

La Prairie, a Swiss luxury skin care brand, presents the next chapter in its unique story – Tale of Luxury.

The best present for the New Year is nourished, moisturized and healthy skin with a flawlessly smooth complexion. La Prairie offers a luxurious selection of products for exceptional skin care. A luxury choice for the perfect present.

A quintessence of the legendary history of La Prairie is the Swiss spirit, long-term experience, the highest level of mastership and unique character. Together with aesthetics inspired by the beauty, purity, and elegance of precious ingredients like platinum, gold, caviar and white caviar, the brand’s products take you to the new standard of beauty and care.

Make your luxury choice at La Prairie in the Perfumery and Cosmetics Department on the first floor of Vremena Goda Shopping Mall.