Летняя коллекция Brit Marmalade от Jo Malone
3 Aug 2021

Brit Marmalade Summer Collection by Jo Malone

British perfume brand Jo Malone releases a limited edition collection of Brit Marmalade eau de cologne. The line features 5 fragrances inspired by nostalgic images: Rose Blush, Erdelflower Cordial, Blackbarry & Bay, Tangy Rhybarb, Orange Peel.

Rose Blush

Delicate rose petals, frozen in jelly. A dessert inspired by the beauty of rosebuds. Bright notes of basil, as well as juicy lychee, give a modern accent to a delicate floral scent that unveils soothing white musk.

Erdelflower Cordial

The light scent of elderberry buds plucked from a green hedge on a sunny morning. Delicate powdery notes of tiny white flowers are organically combined with the tartness of bright green gooseberries and hawthorns.

Blackbarry & Bay

A bestselling fragrance that goes great with each fragrance in the collection. The eau de cologne is available in a limited edition design. It’s childhood memories of picking up blackberries. An explosion of deep, tart blackberry juice mingles with the freshness of bay leaves and blackberry bushes. Both being bright and green.

Tangy Rhubarb

A unique tart aroma of wild rhubarb plucked from an overgrown garden and scattered in the kitchen. Being so recognizable, it sounds in the heart of the eccentric Tangy Rhubarb, emphasizing an elegant accent of cedar and juicy orange.

Orange Peel

It’s the orange peel slowly boiling in sugar syrup on the stove, tempting with aroma and bitter taste. Warm woody notes intertwine in a refined scent that shines like gold. Arty and crafty natural shades of rhubarb give the traditional jam a fresh and creative flavor.

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