Лимитированные пишущие инструменты от Montblanc
20 May 2020

Limited Edition of Writing Instruments from Montblanc

Each year, Montblanc House publishes a limited-edition of writing instruments “Patrons of the Art,” which aims to pay respect to the cultural heritage of a particular historical figure, a particular patron of art. This time, in partnership with the Mexican National Institute of Anthropology and History, Montblanc presents four limited writing instruments calling attention to the achievements of Moteuczomatzin Ilhuicamina. He was elected to rule the great Aztec empire in 1440, and his reign, which coincided with the golden age of this state, lasted almost for thirty years. Moteuczomatzin not only expanded the boundaries of the empire up to the Gulf of Mexico, but he also created the image of the Aztec state, which is known today - the image of a civilization with a rich culture and mythology.

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