Новая коллекция La Panthere Cartier
15 Feb 2022

The new ‘La Panthere’ Cartier collection

In February 2022, a new ‘La Panthere’ collection appeared exclusively in Cartier boutiques in Russia before any other countries in the world.

Six new pieces of jewelry pay homage to the main symbol of the Parisian jewelry house and at the same time the tradition of creating flexible jewelry. In other countries, the collection will appear in the fall of 2022.

The main feature of the new La Panthere collection is flexibility, which Cartier’s masters managed to achieve thanks to a new technical achievement. La Panthere consists of six items: a ring, a bracelet and a necklace with two panther heads in yellow gold with inlaid tsavorites. In the collection, you can also find white gold with diamond pavé, onyx and emeralds. Geometric black spots of lacquer or onyx, playfully located over the entire surface of jewelry, are responsible for the flawless and natural color.

Cartier, 1st floor