Новинка Sodashi в Aldo Coppola
1 Jul 2020

Sodashi novelty in Aldo Coppola

Aldo Coppola Beauty Center cosmetics boutique has been enriched by a new product from Sodashi - tonic (mist) with Oud Wood for face and body (Arabian Oud Face and Body Mist). The synergy of oils and natural extracts in its composition tone up tired and stressed skin, while the fragrances of rose, sandalwood and incense tend to fuel increased focus and mental clarity, as well as awaken inner strength and bring peace and calm.

Spray the mist on the face, neck and décolleté area - this will freshen and moisturize skin up throughout the day or while travelling. Apply mist on the skin of the body after a shower either use it with oil – treat yourself with a real spa ritual!

Aldo Coppola Beauty Center, 3rd floor