Новые ароматы Kilian в бьюти-универмаге
4 Mar 2021

New Kilian fragrances in the beauty store

The French perfume house Kilian releases two new fragrances: “Love, Don't Be Shy, Extreme” and “Princess Fleur d'Oranger”.

Perfume “Love, Don't Be Shy, Extreme” belongs to the category of tempting fragrances.

The new version differs from the original “Love, don’t be shy” with pure floral accents. The aroma of orange blossom and intoxicating rose merge into a single composition, which nobody will be able to resist. Fragrance notes: neroli, orange blossom, rose, marshmallows. Kilian Hennessy, brand founder, together with perfumer Calis Becker worked on “Love, Don't Be Shy, Extreme”.

“Princess Fleur d'Oranger” is part of the My Kind Of Love collection and belongs to the oriental group. The composition is built around orange blossom, sensual accords of matcha tea as well as marshmallows. “Princess Fleur d'Orange” is a collaboration between Kilian Hennessy and French perfumer Honori Blanc.

New Kilian fragrances can be purchased in the Perfumery and Cosmetics boutique.

"Perfumery and Cosmetics", 1st floor