Новые купальники в бутике Estelle Haute Creation
22 Apr 2022

A new collection of swimwear at the Estelle Haute Creation boutique

Summer is coming very soon, so it's time for swimwear at the Estelle Haute Creation boutique!

You’re waiting for the brightest trends of the season, a variety of styles that can turn the head of even the most sophisticated of fashionistas, and, very importantly, a rich selection of beachwear and accessories that makes it easy to cultivate an image.

In the new season, not only prints are relevant, among which floral, animalistic and graphic stand out, but also the original texture of the fabric. Peaking in fashion, monochrome swimwear made of ribbed or ruffled fabric can be found in the new season. We also recommend paying attention to trendy monokinis (models with one-shoulder straps and original tops).

The Estelle Haute Creation has a great selection of corrective swimwear and models suited to large breasts. Not only do their innovative fabrics and special cuts help you to create the perfect silhouette, but also, their carefully thought-out design allows you to visually compose an image so as to pay attention to your advantages, while elegantly hiding your disadvantages.

Estelle Haute Creation, 3rd floor