Новые модели колец и браслетов Clash de Cartier
29 Apr 2020

New pieces Clash de Carter

Too much or not enough? Classic or eccentric? Clash de Cartier cultivates contrasts. The collection’s latest pieces echo the clash of two opposing attitudes.

Following rose gold, Clash de Cartier is now expressed in white gold: rings and bracelets which can be stacked and layered, in all versions.

Following coral and its first limited-edition jewellery versions, Clash boldly embraces the turquoise nuances of amazonite, the lagoon blue-toned beads set amongst pink gold studs.

Experience the same sensations of fluidity and mobility; this is jewellery that shakes up the Maison’s aesthetic heritage of studs, beads, and clous carrés.

A two-sided jewel: classic yet offbeat, spiky yet soft to the touch.

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